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Low Bidders

Most homeowners who have not been through a remodeling project would think that a low bid on their project is the best deal. They couldn't be further from the truth. There are a lot of reason why choosing a low bid turns out to be a bad idea. Building a home improvement project isn't like shopping for a specific product like an automobile. The contractor has a lot of latitude to cut corners.

If the contractor submitted a low bid just to get the job they are forced to cut corners to make up the difference. So instead of getting a great price on the project the homeowner ends up getting an inferior product as a result.

You must be aware of the fact that a contractor is well experienced in building many projects and the homeowner has very little. This puts the homeowner at a big disadvantage. A low bid contractor can't stay in business unless they can make a profit. Consequently they know every trick in the book to cut corners and lower their costs .Any homeowner that's been through a few substantial projects will understand the importance of choosing a good contractor and why the low bidder isn't the way to go. It only takes one bad project to learn this lesson.

Many times the cost of accepting the low bid on a project ends up costing more than the high bidder just to make it right after the fact.

It has also been my experience that most Contractors do not carry liability Insurance , to protect the client. I will submit a certificate of liability Insurance on acceptance of my proposal.

I've only covered a few ways that a homeowner could suffer by choosing to accept a low bid on a remodeling project. I only hope that it helps the unsuspecting homeowner who might be tempted to take the low bidder on remodeling or home improvement project. The best advice I could give you is to get good references on any contractor you choose to do work for you.

Mike Haller

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